The Beauty of Helping Others: Yearly Outreach Numbers

Since Gung Ho Ministries Boutique started in October 2011 we have been passionate about providing funds for application fees, deposits, rent, utilities, and food for veterans.

How do we do this? We are a financial resource and work closely with social workers and caseworkers from the Veterans Administration, Washington County, Multnomah County, Salvation Army Vet Center and many more.

We get several requests a month for veterans in financial crises and we try to fulfill more than half of them each month.

Outreach Numbers Each Year:

  • 2012: $1,305
  • 2013: $16,480
  • 2014: $24,818
  • 2015: $32,483
  • 2016: $36,367
  • 2017: $27,783 This is the year the GHM Boutique moved to their new location in Beaverton off Main ave. The new location has only brought more amazing blessings to the boutique.
  • 2018: $64,379 We more than doubled our outreach after our first full year in our new home.
  • 2019: $72,761 RECORD YEAR! This is the most we have raised and given to veterans since inception.

This year, 2020 has come with many challenges however these fears and changes in society will not stop the GHM Boutique from setting and achieving big goals. So far the GHM Boutique has paid out $26,159.30 to veterans. Although this is low due to having to transition shopping appointments for a month because of COVID-19 crisis, we are hoping to make this up.

Our goal is $80,000 for our veterans this year.

Grand Total Given To Veterans:

The grand total of funds given to veterans since inception is $274,752. 100% of cash donations are given to veterans and the GHM Boutique funds over half of the messages we get from caseworkers and social workers reaching out.

How Can You Support Our Mission?

  1. Donate new-with-tags or like-new clothing and accessories to the GHM Boutique so we can sell them in the shop
  2. Shop in our boutique
  3. Make a tax deductible cash donation

The GHM Boutique funds over half of the requests for funds from social workers, case workers, etc. Also, when you give a cash donation 100% of your money will go to a veteran in need.

Overhead Costs: Very Low

The GHM Boutique works very hard at keeping our overhead costs very low. The only employee is Tanya the founder and the other workers are volunteers. The GHM Boutique could not survive without its wonderful volunteers that help with everything from steaming, changing mannequins, cleaning new merchandise, sorting through merchandise, and pricing. We have over 20 amazing volunteers!

And of course, we cannot forget our incredible customers! Thank you for all that you continue to do to help the GHM Boutique grow and spread our mission. We love you!

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